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A Landmark of the City of New York on the National Register of Historic Buildings
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Ear *Inn*Virons: History of the Landmark James Brown House and the West Soho Neighborhood

Archeological artifacts from the Ear basement are on exhibit at the New York Historical Society, Central Park West at 82 St - (aka uptown!) featuring old bottles, shards, pipes, shoes, bones, etc. Did you loose anything in the pub circa 1820?

Also see the TV production called Place Matters on WNYC-TV features a house tour by Martin Sheridan muttering about ghosts and other ever taller tales of the Ear.  See the portion on the James Brown House in this YouTube video 4:17 into the clip.

Plus: quiz: what is the flag flown outside the House? Last month: Devon England winner of the month gets a free flag soaked w/ beer..

This site includes highlights  from the book "Ear *Inn*Virons: History of the Landmark James Brown House."  Ear*Inn*Virons traces the heritage and legends of this New York City landmark.  It chronicles the history and culture of the vibrant West Soho neighborhood from colonial times and bustling seaport life, prohibition, and eventual  neighborhood decline, to today's Ear Inn.


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Ear Up

Still open and fresher than ever after 190 years!

For event announcements: www.earinn.com

The Ear Up! 2nd floor is three rooms above the pub with a new gallery space for exhibitions and special events

To arrange an event in this historic setting, inquire at the bar or call Rip at 914-263-6716 Available hourly, daily or weekly.

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EAR Environs Circa 2106 - Credit: Lou Scrima"Rivers Edge: Rip Hayman remembers the downtown shore as it used to be " see Tribeca Trib Article (PDF 313 kb)

"Ear Inn building celebrated at tour event"
see Downtown Express Article (PDF 223 kb)

James Brown House 
326 Spring Street  NYC 10013  212-219-8026

Last Modified: March 13, 2011